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Our Mission Statement:

Trilogy Solutions, a Syfan Company, provides factoring services to the U.S. trucking industry by directly supporting the cash flow and fiscal operations of our customers to help them thrive. Our goal is to be an industry leader based on the highest levels of trust and Christian business ethics.

Our History:
The Trilogy management team has been collectively billing and paying its carrier clients in the transportation brokerage industry for 40 years. In addition, over the past two decades, the team has handled a very successful Quick Pay program for carriers. In 2022, the team worked with over 200 carriers in providing Quick Pay solutions. The team fully understands the process of obtaining the necessary paperwork to invoice the customer/debtor and advance-pay the carrier client. They also know the importance of credit approvals and collections.

Trilogy works with the U.S. trucking industry, focusing on mid-sized to small carriers without the time or resources to facilitate their own accounting. By partnering with Trilogy, these carriers can continue to deliver products and services to their customers without the stress of financial management, thus saving valuable time.

While the factoring industry involves high-tech finance and accounting, Trilogy prides itself on a high-touch approach of putting people first. Trilogy’s software automates many processes, and a client website portal provides information with transparency – but the client can always directly contact a member of Trilogy’s team 24/7 by phone or email.

An underlying motivation is the company’s focus on helping others.
“As a company based on Christian ethics, we have always believed in serving our team members and customers – which we believe leads to successful relationships and greater profits together.”

Denise Nix, Trilogy CFO

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