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Fuel Cards from Trilogy Solutions: Your Key to Cost-Effective Fleet Management

Welcome to Trilogy Solutions, where innovation meets efficiency in fleet management. Our Fuel Cards are the key to transforming the way you navigate the challenges of the road. With an emphasis on transparency, cost savings, and comprehensive support, Trilogy Solutions Fuel Cards are designed to empower your fleet. From exclusive Cost Plus pricing at TA and Petro locations to a nationwide network of accepted truck stops, coupled with maintenance and repair services, tire purchase programs, and emergency roadside assistance, our Fuel Cards go beyond the pump.

Experience the difference with Trilogy Solutions and explore the advantages of our Fuel Cards below:

Cost Plus Pricing at TA and Petro Locations

At Trilogy Solutions, we understand the importance of cost control in fleet management. With our Fuel Cards, you gain access to Cost Plus pricing at TA and Petro locations. Enjoy transparency and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that every fueling transaction contributes to your bottom line


Accepted at Thousands of Truck Stops Nationwide

Our Fuel Cards provide you with unparalleled convenience by being accepted at thousands of truck stops nationwide. Whether you are traveling across state lines or through remote areas, rest assured that our cards are widely accepted, giving you the flexibility, you need to keep your fleet moving efficiently.

Maintenance and Repair Service Program

Minimize downtime and keep your vehicles in peak condition with our Maintenance and Repair Service Program. Our Fuel Cards extend beyond fueling benefits, offering you access to a network of trusted service providers. Take advantage of discounted rates on routine maintenance and repairs, ensuring that your fleet remains reliable and cost-effective.

Tire Purchase Program

Our Tire Purchase Program provides you with access to top-quality tires at discounted rates. Maximize the lifespan of your tires and optimize fuel efficiency, all while enjoying savings that contribute to your overall fleet management strategy.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Program

Unforeseen circumstances can disrupt your operations, but with our Emergency Roadside Assistance Program, help is just a call away. Whether it’s a flat tire, engine trouble, or any other roadside issue, our assistance ensures that you get back on the road quickly and safely.


Our Cost Plus pricing, combined with exclusive programs, ensures that you save money.


Enjoy the freedom to fuel up at thousands of truck stops, providing flexibility for your fleet's diverse routes.


Beyond fueling, our programs address key aspects of fleet maintenance, repair, and emergencies.

If you have questions about your EFS Fuel Card, the team at Trilogy Solutions is here to help. You can also reference these YouTube videos for specific questions on how to add policy prompts, assign a driver’s name to a card and so much more

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