Introducing Trilogy Solutions – Press Release

. Trilogy Solutions, a Syfan Company, Empowers U.S. Trucking Industry with Innovative Freight Factoring Services

[Gainesville, GA] – [November 9, 2023] – Trilogy Solutions, a Syfan Company, is proud to announce its official launch.  Trilogy Solutions provides specialized factoring services to the U.S. trucking industry. Built on a foundation of trust and Christian business ethics, Trilogy is set to transform the financial landscape. We are here to serve small and mid-sized carriers by bolstering their cash flow and operational capabilities. 

Our Mission: 
At Trilogy, our mission is clear: to provide factoring services that directly support the cash flow and fiscal operations of our customers. This will allow the driver to thrive in a competitive industry. We are driven by a commitment to uphold the highest levels of trust and Christian business ethics, reflecting our belief in the power of service and integrity.

The Trilogy management team boasts a collective 40-year history of billing and paying carriers in the transportation brokerage industry. Over the past two decades, the team has successfully managed a Quick Pay program, benefiting over 200 carriers in 2022. This experience has provided us with an understanding of the processes involved in factoring. We have vast experience in obtaining necessary paperwork to invoicing customers and advancing payments to carrier clients. We also recognize the critical importance of credit approvals and collections.

Steps Ahead:
While the factoring industry relies on high-tech finance and accounting, Trilogy distinguishes itself with a personal approach that prioritizes people. Our software streamlines numerous steps. Our client website portal offers transparency and accessibility, but our clients can reach out to our team directly, 24/7, via phone or email, ensuring they receive the personalized support they need.

Denise Nix, Trilogy’s CFO, emphasizes the company’s foundational principles: “As a company based on Christian ethics, we have always believed in serving our team members and customers – which we believe leads to successful relationships and greater profits together.”

At Trilogy Solutions, we are excited to embark on this journey to empower the U.S. trucking industry with cutting-edge factoring services, coupled with unwavering ethical values. We look forward to building lasting partnerships and making a meaningful impact in the world of transportation.

Contact Us: 
For more information about Trilogy Solutions, please visit or email

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